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Dark Wedding Cover Thing :iconchibiedo:ChibiEdo 25 32
[S] John: Do the Windy Thing Animation by ChibiEdo :iconchibiedo:ChibiEdo 36 20 HS - Dirk x Jake - ASC - A1 P48 :iconchibiedo:ChibiEdo 28 41

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Characters and Emotions 3
You are KARKAT VANTAS and it has been exactly 17 hours since you hugged John Egbert. It is now 2PM in the veil, and you are still thinking about yesterday. He hugged you back, yeah, and maybe you blushed more then usual, sure, and maybe, JUST MAYBE these flushed feelings you have may be more human, such as this disease you've heard from them called 'love', but that's a major IF. MAJOR.
Moving on, you glad you have alone time. The rest of the team is gone on a planning thing or something else just as stupid so you have time to think. You may like Egderp deeply, but there's nothing quite like being alone.
And talking out aloud to yourself.
"STUPID grubbing human internet, why won't you work normally?! Isn't this Google thing supposed to be the greatest of fleshy websites or something? The ultimate place for pages upon pages of useless human nook sucking information? Then WHY the fuck can't you tell me what 'love' is? Explain it to me you stupid SHIT MY GOG- oh hey it o
:iconkatcoo13:KATCOO13 42 8
Characters and Emotions 4
You are JOHN EGBERT and you are doing the windy thing! It's so super fun since the veil is so open and free that you can just kind of fly around laughing like a derp and have fun without anyone being a butt face!
And then Jade is outside screaming at you to pick her up to!! This is going to be awesome because she is your sorta-kinda sister and is amazing to have around! You pick her fly over to her and push both of you off into the sky again. She smiles at you and makes a swimming motion to get over to you. You hug each other like the epic siblings you are and you giggle like a dork.
"Hey'ya John! Why're you out here all by yourself??", She asks with her trademark buck teeth out of her upper lip. You grin too, you're awesome trademark teeth stickin' out too. Sometimes you want to compare them together because they're that cool.
Oh yeah!
"Oh! Uh, I don't know. I'm thinking about yesterday because I think I lik- oh fuck! I mean uh-uhhh", you start stuttering and blushing and ho
:iconkatcoo13:KATCOO13 51 18
Parashi - Ginsenkei Video :iconnuriko-kun:nuriko-kun 1,233 184 Homestuck - lots of Striders :iconnuriko-kun:nuriko-kun 14,383 852
John: Show Karkat the Sky
"Egbert," Karkat asked, following John through the Skaian battlefield. "What are we doing here?"
John turned around and smiled at Karkat, "It's a secret!" He paused, tilting his head to the side, "Although, you'll find out in like a minute so I guess it doesn't really matter…"
John grabbed Karkat's hands, the troll protested angrily, "John what is this? I swear if you fucking dragged me all the way out here to put moves on me or some shit like that I'll kill you."
The human boy laughed, "Not a homosexual Karkat!"
"You keep saying that, but it doesn't mean I believe you." Karkat turned away to look at their surroundings.
John said very softly under his breath, "sometimes I don't believe me either."
"What was that fuckass?" he turned back to John.
"What was what?" John asked innocently.
"You just said something, more like mumbled it, what was it? I wasn't paying attention."
"I didn't saaaaaay anything," he giggled, "Karkat you must be imagining things."
"Yeah, sure, whatever." He to
:icontien13:Tien13 334 256
sweet lady kissies :icon021:021 579 21
It had been awhile since the kids had come to the viel. We had all settled down on the meteor, making sure that there was room for everyone. It was hat work, but I guess you could call it worth it in the end. But I digress. Everyone seemed to settle down fairly well in the end.
Rose would usually sit around in the living room we had managed to furnish, thanks to the help of the kids. Rose would also help Kanaya in her crafts either modeling or just giving her new ideas in her crafts. The productivity seemed to go up a rather large amount. I guess it was just because we all settled down and didn't have to worry about murderous rampages. (I swear to gog, there is still blood in places because of that.)
Dave could usually be heard making tracks in his room that we had accompanied with a studio for him to work in. Occasionally, Tavros would join him in sharing some sick beats. Maybe Tavros would be able to drag Gamzee into the mix, but he usually had to be higher or more stoned or a mix of
:iconauntslappy282:auntslappy282 27 15
Characters and Emotions 2
You are JOHN EGBERT and you are telling your best alien friend the amazingness of a slightly crappy movie called TRUE LEGEND. You don't really know why your telling him this, your own dad bought you the movie a long time ago and he liked it a lot, so you suppose that might be the reason.
"...And then he uses his ultra secret battle technique to defeat almost all of them...but then they get so pissed that they...", you stop. No, you freeze. Karkat is staring at you confusedly as you stand there with you mouth half open.
Holy crap you just remembered why you hate this movie. Why couldn't you remember this before?! Great, now you're pretty sure you're going to start crying. Prefect. You then realize being frozen is totally uncool and you attempt to continue.
"...That they kill...", you stop again, taking a shaky breath. You are sure that you cannot hold in the tears behind your eye
:iconkatcoo13:KATCOO13 62 8
HS: Play the Wind :iconzilleniose:Zilleniose 1,472 61


Kevin H.
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Operating System: XP and Win 7
Favourite cartoon character: Dirk Strider, Jake English, John Egbert, Karkat Vantas


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Lost Chums Linklist with Thumbnails

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 10, 2012, 2:17 PM
100 art challenge

:iconchibiedo::iconelectricdreamies::iconmazeyelle::icontraumateam4ever::icondedizenoflight::icontsukianimegirl::iconpachaluche::iconpercy3443: For Trauma Center icons go here

Lost Chums
For those who don't know, this is my personal homestuck fangame project which will be a 2D-jump'n'run thing done in flash HTML5 (switched now xD ). I won't promise that I'll ever get it done but I love working on this. A lot of concept stuff is done so I think I can work on coding some more again soon. The levels would be each in a seperate deviation.

Current Status
working on character controls and sprites.

Basic plot
This is an AU. There is no Sburb or anything (though god tiering will happen but a bit different). The Alpha and Beta kids live on earth in different towns. Alpha kids being friends and Beta kids being friends. Dave knows Dirk since they are brothers but they don't know each other's friends.
One day Jade gets kidnapped by a spaceship commanded by jack noir and John, Dave and Rose leave to rescue her. Jake also got kidnapped so Dirk, Roxy and Jane go to rescue him.
On the spaceship they also find the aliens Karkat and Vriska who they free as well. And. A lot of stuff happens.

Pairings: John x Karkat, Dirk x Jake, Roxy x Jane

I thought I'd be nice and link all of the comics and animated gifs I did for this so far in chronological order. I'm going to try and update this every time I upload LC stuff : D
If you find wrong links please tell me!

Lost Chums Title:
HS Lost Chums - title (non god tier version) by ChibiEdo Title: non god tier version
HS Lost Chums - title (god tier) + LC linklist by ChibiEdo Title: god tier version


Pre-Lost Chums
LC backstory - sketches by ChibiEdo Strider parents, kid jake and dirk, jane and jake (sketches)
LC backstory - Dirk: Watch over Jake by ChibiEdo Dirk: Watch over Jake (pic)
Pre-LC - Jake: Show off by ChibiEdo Jake: Show off (comic)
Pre LC - DirkxJake - movie night by ChibiEdo DirkxJake: Movie Night (pic)


Lost Chums (game concept)
This is the game concept file I uploaded to dA. It's not up to date anymore but a lot of things have stayed the same. A lot of things got expanded but it can still give a bit of an overview of this whole thing.
HS - Random game concept thingGeneral notes about gameplay
The idea of this game is based on an old 2D jump'n'run game called Lost Vikings for SNES and PC. In the first part you had 3 vikings, one could jump, one could fight, one had a shield and you had to get all of the vikings to the end of a level by utilising all of their skills. It also had extremely funny dialogue at the beginning and end of each level.
In the 2nd game two characters were added with additional skills so you had 5 characters. You never had more than 3 at the same time though. Through teleporting around and stuff you always had 3 different characters in a level. Mixing around characters like this gives a lot of possibility for interesting level designs.
The game sometimes required a lot of thinking and a LOT of patience to complete because it's partly insanely hard.. but it's so much fun, too.
While playing it again I suddenly wondered what it would be like to have a homestuck game similar to this?.. and that's what started this thing h
Game Concept


Lost Chums (HTML5/flash)
Browsergame Lost Chums Test v0.01 - John movement by ChibiEdo Test v0.01 - John movement (HTML5)
Browsergame Lost Chums Test v0.02 - Dialogue Voice by ChibiEdo Test v0.02 - Dialogue + Voice (HTML5)
Browsergame Lost Chums Test v0.03 - RandomCollect by ChibiEdo Test v0.03 - Random Collection Minigame (HTML5)
HS fangame - LC johnWalkJump Test 01 by ChibiEdo johnWalkJump Test 01 (flash)
HS fangame - LC johnWalkRunJump Test 02 by ChibiEdo johnWalkRunJump Test 02 (flash)
HS LC - JakexDirk - First Kiss by ChibiEdo 9.4 JakexDirk: First Kiss (animation)


Lost Chums (concept art and general art)
HS fangame - Lost Chums title sketch by ChibiEdo title picture with all characters (sketch)
HS LC - chibis by ChibiEdo LC chibis (pic)
HS Lost Chums - character sprites by ChibiEdo John, Karkat, Dave, Jake, Dirk, Rose pixels sprites(pic)
dirkStand-ani-noshades by ChibiEdoHS LC - Dirk - idle ani with shades by ChibiEdo Dirk - idle ani (animation)
HS LC - 3 style layouts by ChibiEdo game style layout - 3 styles (concept art)
HS LC - chibi - level layout by ChibiEdo game style layout - chibi style (concept art)
HS - pixel sprites by ChibiEdo John, Karkat, Dave, Jake, Dirk pixel sprites (first versions) (pic)
HS LC - Jake English - normal and god tier by ChibiEdo Jake - normal and god tier (pic)
HS LC - Dirk - normal and hope powers by ChibiEdo Dirk - normal and hope powers (pic)
HS LC - Roxy - normal and void powers by ChibiEdo Roxy - normal and void powers (pic)
HS LC - Jane - normal and god tier by ChibiEdo Jane - normal and god tier (pic)
HS LC -John Egbert - normal and god tier by ChibiEdo John - normal and god tier (pic)
HS LC - Dave Strider by ChibiEdo Dave - normal (pic)
HS LC - Dave Strider - glow by ChibiEdo Dave - god tier powers (pic)
HS LC - Rose Lalonde by ChibiEdo Rose - normal (pic)
HS LC - Karkat - normal and god tier by ChibiEdo Karkat - normal and god tier (pic)
HS LC - Vriska - god tier by ChibiEdo Vriska - god tier (pic)
HS fangame - LC sketches jane by ChibiEdo Jane - concept character sheet (sketches)
HS fangame - LC sketches roxy by ChibiEdo Roxy - concept character sheet (sketches)
HS fangame - LC sketches dirk by ChibiEdo Dirk - concept character sheet (sketches)
HS fangame - LC sketches karkat by ChibiEdo Karkat - concept character sheet (sketches)
HS fangame - LC sketches jake by ChibiEdo Jake - concept character sheet (sketches)
HS fangame - LC sketches john by ChibiEdo John - concept character sheet (sketches)
HS fangame - LC sketches dave by ChibiEdo Dave - concept character sheet (sketches)


Lost Chums (scenes in chronological order)
HS LC - minicomic john: get trapped by ChibiEdo 2.5 John: Get Trapped (comic)
HS LC - Jake 2.0 by ChibiEdo 3.4 Jake 2.0 (animated gif)
HS LC - minicomic Jake and Dirk: Be best bros p1 by ChibiEdo 4.3 Jake and Dirk: Be Best Bros 1 (comic)
HS LC - minicomic Jake and Dirk: Be best bros p2 by ChibiEdo 4.3 Jake and Dirk: Be Best Bros 2 (comic)
HS fangame - LC sketches - glitch by ChibiEdo 5.5 Dave: Glitch (pic)
HS LC - minicomic jake: Be in pain p1 by ChibiEdo 7.1 Jake: Be in Pain 1 (comic)
HS LC - minicomic jake: Be in pain p2 by ChibiEdo 7.1 Jake: Be in Pain 2 (comic)
HS LC - minicomic jake: change by ChibiEdo 7.1 Jake: Change (comic)
HS LC - John: Be threatened by Jake by ChibiEdo 7.3 John: Be threatened by Jake (pic)
HS LC - Dirk - broken by ChibiEdo 7.5 Dirk: Broken (pic)
HS LC 7.5 - minicomic Dirk: Lose Hope by ChibiEdo 7.5 Dirk: Lose Hope (comic)
HS LC - Jake: wake up by ChibiEdo 8.1 Jake: Wake up (animated gif)
HS LC - JakexDirk - First Kiss by ChibiEdo 9.4 JakexDirk: First Kiss (animation)
HS LC - JakexDirk - hope by ChibiEdo 9.4 JakexDirk: Hope (pic)
HS LC - Knight of Blood by ChibiEdo 9.5 Karkat: Knight of Blood (pic)


Lost Chums (multiple things in one therefore I couldn't put them in the chronological order thing...)
HS LC - voice acting practice Jake and John by ChibiEdo 2.5 and 7.1 Jake and John voice acting practice (audio)
HS fangame - Lost Chums sketches 04 by ChibiEdo 5.3, 5.5 and 6.5 Dave + quest bed, Jane+Roxy, John (sketches)
HS fangame - Lost Chums sketches 03 by ChibiEdo 3.3 and 9.5 DirkxJake, JohnxKarkat, Roxy and Dave (sketches)
HS fangame - Lost Chums sketches 02 by ChibiEdo 7.3, 7.5, 8.1, 9.4 Jake, Dirk and John (sketches)
HS fangame - Lost Chums sketches by ChibiEdo 4.5, 7.5 + random - John, Karkat, Rose, Dave, Jake, Dirk (sketches)


Post-Lost Chums
Post-LC - Andy: Take off Dirk's shades by ChibiEdo Andy: Take off Dirk's shades (pic)
postLC - Strife: Jake vs Andy Dirk vs Andy by ChibiEdo  STRIFE: Jake vs Andy / Dirk vs Andy (coloured sketches)
Post-LC - DirkxJake: Afterglow by ChibiEdo DirkxJake: Afterglow (animated gif)
Post LC - DirkxJakexDave - Knighttime by ChibiEdo DirkxJakexDave: Knighttime (pic)
HS - Post LC - Strider family pic by ChibiEdo Strider family pic (pic)


Club I own:

I'm a bit lazy with it right now but I promise it's not dead^^

Current level: 47 (hmm.. should really try that again... Play that game it is soo addicting!!)
  • Listening to: homestuck vol 9

Which of my projects would you like to have me working on most at the moment?XD Comments would be nice too, it makes me happy to see people are interested in my work~ 

41 deviants said DirkJake Comic "A Second Chance"
9 deviants said 2D-Platform Puzzle Game "Lost Chums" (Lost Vikings style for those who know that snes game) DirkJake, JohnKarkat, roxyJane
9 deviants said All of them
4 deviants said 2D-ActionRPG (Castlevania Style), possibly Multiplayer for 2 players, DirkJake "Castlestuck - Dawn of Ruin"… (overall plot is almost done and a lot of gameplay mechanics are planned through)
4 deviants said Anything else? I do have other projects besides this but those are my main ones right now.XD Tell me in the comments.




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Also I started to learn how to make android apps because I would love to make a little homestuck smartphone gameXD
So in case you were wondering... I still love Homestuck and DirkJake very much and I still don't think that will change soon
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